Hazardous Cover


In a world, there are many hazards. 95 vectors dedicate their lives to the call of justice, their sole purpose, the safety of the human race! In an eternal allegiance with safety itself, these brave vectors travel the world in an endless struggle, forever vigilant, selfless and never resting. Hazardous is the first project in the free download series, containing 95 free hazard shipping vectors, spanning 9 classes. Each class contains a brief description of its contents, so you know what each label is intended for. Have fun, look out for future releases and enjoy!


File Type – Zipped .ai (Adobe Illustrator)


Free to use, no credit required but massive appreciation for spreading the love if you do. Very interested to see anything created and if you feel like sharing, you can contact me over here.


4.95 MB – 1 File – 0 Folders


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